Balanced Performance Training

Head Trainer - Molly McDaniel
Through her experiences with hundreds of horses and their owners Molly learned that energy and body language was the hidden language that equines and human beings have in common. She has used this deep understanding of people to really help them connect to their true passions for riding and equines.   Molly’s passion is helping people and horses. She is understanding, compassionate and at the same time she is confident and secure. Molly has this deep understanding of how to guide people to see things from a new perspective and really discover themselves.  

"Through my experience’s working with horses and people there were patterns that emerged. I noticed that some people where very good communicators with horses and some just didn’t seem to build rapport with their horse at all.
Horses communicate with body language and energy and humans communicate with the spoken word, body language and energy. However, a lot of people are not intentional about their body language and energy and are only using these powerful communication tools on a subconscious level. Science is just now discovering how important energy is and how our brains send signals in the form of energy through are thoughts and spoken language. There is energy behind our thoughts, emotions, language patterns, gestures, postures, facial expressions and actions.  And guess what, our horses are reading us like open books.
When my client’s take the time to learn the language of the horse they build trust and respect with their horse very quickly." 
- Molly McDaniel

Assistant Trainer - Cassidy  
Cassidy is an assistant trainer at Balanced Performance Training. She has a deep commitment and enthusiasm for helping equines fulfill their potential as willing and capable partners. Cassidy has a gentle but firm approach that builds both trust and respect on the ground and under saddle. Her patient and calm demeanor encourages a positive experience for all the horses and mules that come to BPT for training.    

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