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We help owners achieve success with their equines by providing excellent training, instructing, and hoof care.  We are here to increase awareness and ability in riders so they can have fun with their horses and mules.

Helping You Meet Your Goals

Because horses and mules are individuals, and many don't fit in a one sized training program, we develop a personalized training program to address your specific needs with your horse or mule. 
We love to start our relationship with new clients by setting up an assessment.  Where we will meet you and your horse and determine what your goals are and what you and your equine will need to achieve your goals.  To talk with Molly McDaniel and set up an assessment please call (509)-607-0103.

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We've known Molly for quite a few years. We got our sweet molly mule from her!. She has made herself available to help out with mule questions or horse questions, over the phone or at lessons. Not only does she listen to the horse and mule she is working with, but she also listens to the owner. She helps the owner better understand how to communicate with these animals. Molly's constantly striving to further her knowledge so that she can pass it on to us. Molly and her team truly have a passion and understanding for these intelligent animals. If you are willing to learn Molly is willing to teach! Really the best we have found.🐎🐎

Tony Pettis

Mule and Horse Owner

Molly took two green mules and put push button steering on them. She did a great job, especially with one highly excitable molly. Afterward I had two much safer, easy to handle mules. The excitable one learned to trust and to listen to her rider. Molly simply understands horses and mules, evaluates their needs in terms of communication, and develops a partner. Further she will help you to be a better partner to your mount. She has the 'touch' with horses and mules. She has my utmost admiration and support. 

Mark D Smith

Owner of 2 Amazing mules

We had Molly come out today and do an evualation on our mule Fancy. She checked her body for any pain and stiffness, and took her time to make sure our Molly Mule was moving correctly. She did ground work, saddle fitting, then worked in the round pen. She rode Fancy and we were very impressed with her horsemanship. We’ve never seen Fancy so calm and moving so easily. I would highly recommend Molly!!

Wendy Snowden Matlick

Mule Owner

Molly is amazing, my Percheron rescue trust, loves and honestly respects her, Molly is her savior. Wished I had before and after photos, her communication with the horses is something you have to witness, I’m still in awh. My other feedlot Draft X mare let Molly do all four feet today, something 3 other farriers have not been able to do. Thank you Molly and Arden you gals are amazingly wonderful. 

Kim Marie

Owner of  Drafts Crosses

Molly really has a knack with horses. very knowledgeable and I am enjoying my lessons with her. I am an experienced rider but rusty and my horse is somewhat green. molly is perfect for helping get us going together properly! 

Megan Barley

Owner of 2 Appaloosa Geldings

Molly did a great job putting new shoes on my walking horse. I had to switch farriers since my farrier of many years retired. Each time the β€œnew” farrier came out it just seemed my horses feet were getting more and more out of balance. Molly did a great job straightening his feet out. Thank you Molly.  

Bonnie Cooley

Owner of a Gaited Horse and Mule

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